A few of the things that inspire us

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    Propliner heaven and the maker of dreams come true

    They say money can’t buy you happiness. But it can buy you an aeroplane. And if happiness is an aeroplane...

    22nd February 2017
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    What inspired the engineer

    Cloudmaster Limited Head of Engineering Mr Thomas Muigg caught the aviation bug at the age of 6. Here he shares...

    24th November 2015
  • Mokuti Etosha Lodge Giraffe

    Cape Town to Etosha

    Setting out from Cape Town in the early morning, the DC-6 rose with the sun into a calm and clear...

    17th October 2015
  • Marrakech - the long way

    Marrakech – the long way

    When a group of experienced guests wanted to visit Marrakech they knew that the DC-6 was the appropriate means of...

    12th August 2015
  • The real fly-by-wire

    Early in the development of flying machines, engineers realised the importance of making some form of directional control available to...

    27th July 2015