Mokuti Etosha Lodge Giraffe

Cape Town to Etosha

17th October 2015

Setting out from Cape Town in the early morning, the DC-6 rose with the sun into a calm and clear morning, guests requesting a turn around the bay and Robben Island before heading north to Namibia.

Breakfast at just a few thousand feet over the Namib Desert afforded unmissable panoramas of the Sossusvlei and Sesriem canyon, with its weird ephemeral stream and spectacular Martian red landscape. And beyond Walvis Bay the aircraft flew level with the dunes along the Skeleton Coast, watching the waves and cruising among the poignant wrecks of freighters and fishing boats.

A little over an hour later the rolled salt airstrip of the Mokuti Etosha Lodge appeared as a bright white stripe in the endless bush. Skirting the game-rich salt pan, the aircraft was met by staff on touchdown, its guests disembarking after a day of extraordinary vistas – and an intimate thousand-mile sightseeing journey possible only from the comfort of their DC-6.

(image courtesy of Mokuti Etosha Lodge –

Author: Cloudmaster