The freedom and convenience of a private aircraft. The unique appeal of a desirable classic airliner. The excitement of an engineering masterpiece.

When arriving is just part of the story and the journey is the heart of the adventure, offer your guests the truly exceptional. The Cloudmaster DC-6 exists for a sense of occasion, for the journey as well as the destination, to be enjoyed by the discerning and the inquisitive.

Guests enjoy the scenery in absolute comfort, viewed through windows notably larger than current jets.

Spectacular flights through the Alps. A three week safari from Cape Town to Casablanca. A sprint along the Skeleton Coast viewing shipwrecks in the sand. Truly exhilarating journeys, cruising at low altitude when appropriate, enable guests not merely to arrive at their destination but to experience the incomparable pleasures of getting there.

And on arrival, the large upward-opening cargo doors create a superb viewing platform, an outstanding venue for entertaining friends at the Goodwood Revival or for sundowners at a remote airstrip.

Mokuti Etosha Lodge

Not just another private jet

Fully equipped with the instrumentation necessary to reach airports in poor weather, the Cloudmaster DC-6 operates confidently in the airways alongside modern aircraft. And with transatlantic range, the most imaginative itineraries are possible. Shorter city pairs are conveniently flown in near-jet times. Or leave London at breakfast and be in New York in time for a show.