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Propliner heaven and the maker of dreams come true

22nd February 2017

They say money can’t buy you happiness. But it can buy you an aeroplane. And if happiness is an aeroplane then propliner heaven is an aerodrome full of classic airliners. In late 2009, Douglas DC-6 G-APSA and her crew became the makers of dreams come true.

Nine years ago a team from Hamburg Airport had a dream of their own. They sent invitations to operators and pilots around the globe. And on a warm September weekend a select group of 15 of the world’s most exceptional propliners assembled for the biggest gathering of its kind in decades.

Joining the Cloudmaster DC-6 in late summer, Aeropresentation videographer Jan Mogren shouldered his camera to capture stunning footage of G-APSA. Here you can see the sights and sounds of this glorious airliner in her hardworking cargo livery, interspersed with a rare passenger flight in her cousin the DC-3. Finally she emerges in her stunning period KLM colours (for the film Bride Flight) to complete the line-up of important classics at Hamburg.

The full documentary, including exceptional flying display sequences by the Cloudmaster crew, is available at the Aeropresentation shop. This shorter clip has some lovely vignettes of propliner operations in general and of our beautiful DC-6 in particular.

The poignant last word goes to Jan: “How do you guys feel about being the actual maker of dreams come true?”

Author: Cloudmaster