Ownership of the Cloudmaster DC-6 is available in eight equal shares or multiples thereof. Individual shareholders may own more than one share, and shares can be transferred at any time or held indefinitely.

The aircraft will be restored, operated and maintained for its owners by Cloudmaster Limited under a management agreement and upon request may be offered for charter, the proceeds of which will be paid to the owner on whose allocated days the charter occurs.

The Cloudmaster DC-6 in flight

How it works

A single share gives access to the aircraft on at least 34 days each year. The remaining days are used for scheduled maintenance and crew training, and provide flexibility to cover unforeseen circumstances, such as unscheduled maintenance.

Blocks of days are allocated to each share in three annual seasons and can be exchanged at will or allocated in a different manner if owners so choose. Cloudmaster has created a convenient system to achieve this.

Owners can use the aircraft as much or as little as they wish each day, as flying hours are limited only by the maximum duty of the flight crew. This is intended to facilitate longer cruises over several days without restricting the utility of the aircraft for shorter business or leisure trips.