Designed at a crossroads in aeronautical science the DC-6 is the last of a breed of highly developed aircraft that existed immediately before the jet. Almost 60 years later the DC-6 demonstrates the imagination of its creators in conceiving an aircraft that can still perform effortlessly in the modern world. For it is not merely a seductive museum piece, but a capable aircraft meeting the highest standards of operation and able to cross oceans in uncommon style.

Cloudmaster Limited has taken perhaps the best known DC-6 of all and assembled a team of experts to completely restore and operate it for no more than eight private owners.

The engineers charged with accomplishing this task are among the few to have undertaken such a project before, having previously completed the meticulous refurbishment of the only comparable DC-6 in existence, and sharing decades of experience in both classic and modern aircraft maintenance. Their close attention to detail matches craftsmanship and skill with a willingness to embrace new technology where appropriate.


The Cloudmaster DC-6 exists for a sense of occasion, for the journey as well as the destination, to be enjoyed by the discerning and the inquisitive.

The DC-6 has huge presence at any airport. Standing taller than almost every other aircraft around it, its classic proportions and gleaming propellers set it completely apart from the commonplace. Originally intended to carry 102 passengers in fast, air conditioned comfort, the Cloudmaster DC-6 will have spacious accommodation for just 28.

DC-6 wing 2017
A privileged view


2/Uncommon style
3/The Cloudmaster DC-6

An exceptional flying experience

Guests enjoy the scenery in absolute comfort, viewed through windows notably larger than current jets
Fully equipped with the instrumentation necessary to reach airports in poor weather, the Cloudmaster DC-6 operates confidently in the airways alongside modern aircraft. And with transatlantic range, the most imaginitive itineraries are possible. Shorter city pairs are conveniently flown in near-jet times. Or leave London at breakfast and be in New York in time for a show.

Spectacular flights through the Alps. A three week safari from Cape Town to Casablanca. A sprint along the Skeleton Coast viewing shipwrecks in the sand. Truly exhilarating journeys, cruising at low altitude when appropriate, enable guests not merely to arrive at their destination but to experience the incomparable pleasures of getting there.

And on arrival, the large upward-opening cargo doors create a superb viewing platform, an outstanding venue for entertaining friends at the Goodwood Revival or for sundowners at a remote airstrip.

“On a working trip taking guests from Vienna to Madrid one morning we decided, rather than fly by the most direct route, to fly via Trieste and Venice, crossing the lagoon at just a few hundred feet, then on to Verona, amongst the most extraordinary scenery.

“It was a clear day, affording our passengers uninterrupted views of the hills and lakes. Coasting out at Genoa we cruised over the Mediterranean at low altitude, enjoying the same view as people aboard the yachts we passed, albeit at close to 300 miles an hour. Monaco and the Ligurian coast provided an unforgettable backdrop, before we climbed gently for the final dash to Madrid, delivering our passengers in time for their working day.

“In the evening we climbed directly into the airways and flew swiftly to Vienna, returning the party efficiently to their homes. For all of us it was another trip of a lifetime.

“There have been many great days like this: spectacular flights through the Alps; an evening cruise along the Niger to fabled Timbuktu; a sprint along the Skeleton coast viewing shipwrecks in the desert. A journey in the DC-6 is unforgettable.”