an uncompromising rebuild

The thrill of watching beautifully engineered machinery being restored to perfection. The privilege of witnessing craftsmen at work. Few things equal the excitement of participating in the rebirth of an important classic. Except perhaps the anticipation of enjoying it when it is complete.

From an engineering perspective the DC-6 is a very well understood design, every important aspect of which was developed and refined decades ago. Structural alloys used in its construction are still in production today and every system reveals the technical skills of its creators.

The Cloudmaster philosophy is to retain as much of the original aircraft as possible; a challenge akin to restoring a collectible motor car or a cherished yacht. All under the watchful eye of a demanding international regulator and in accordance with the highest aviation standards.

And having done it before, the Cloudmaster team is well equipped to meet that challenge.

An exacting restoration
An exacting restoration

The restoration process

The rebuild will take approximately 30 months, starting with the disassembly of all components and the refurbishment of primary structure.

The principal engineering task is the airframe. The DC-6 is of aluminum construction, which can be repaired and replaced using existing alloys. Spares are readily available, and every part can be reconditioned, or replaced if preferable, to make the airframe not only look as new but also to regain its original integrity.

All four engines will be thoroughly overhauled and returned to ‘zero’ time, with new leads and hoses and a bespoke oil filtration system that ensures smooth running and minimum wear.

After original equipment is refurbished, inspected and rigorously tested, the subsequent installation of avionics, new interior appointments and final finish is comparable with the outfitting of a brand new aircraft.

When the completed aircraft is rolled out, detailed technical and cabin system checks will be conducted to confirm the serviceability of each item.

Finally a comprehensive series of flight trials will be performed, re-establishing every important parameter and ensuring that crew members are fully prepared for the aircraft’s return to service.